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NEW Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 Core i7 16GB 512GB SSD (1 Year Intl Warranty)

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New Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) is now available in Pakistan!

Many PC manufacturing companies have been trying to create a hybrid tablet system, that would act like a tablet as well as a laptop. Microsoft has also been in this competition and by launching the new Microsoft Surface Pro in 2017 they have fairly won this competition. The new Microsoft Surface Pro is a state of the art hybrid system that you can use as a tablet by removing the detachable keyboard or as a standard laptop, Microsoft is offering the new Surface Pro in a number of different configurations starting from the base model which offers an i5 (7th Gen) processor and has the minimum starting price, going to the high-end model which comes with a powerful i7 (7th Gen) processor.

Users can choose the one model they think would be perfect for their needs and also will be in their budget. Most of the underlaying hardware and features are that of the previous Microsoft Surface Pro 4, but being the latest model the new Surface Pro surely comes with some updates like in its design; more rounded edges etc. Microsoft also included a kickstand which can hold your tablet in an upright position while you do your work on it, the new Surface Pro is essentially a tablet PC with the keyboard being an optional accessory, but officially Microsoft calls it a laptop. Nevertheless, the new Microsoft Surface Pro surely brings some good improvements and upgrades compared to the previous Surface Pro 4 and generally as well. Here is an overview of what you will get in the latest Surface Pro from Microsoft:

Multiple Hardware Configurations will suite every user’s needs

As mentioned before, the new Microsoft Surface Pro comes with a number of different configurations, there’s a difference in price starting from the base model to the top of the line i7 one. You can decide which system will be best for you based on what you plan to do on your system and also your budget.

Microsoft has something for everyone, from the everyday user who just likes to do moderate work on his/her system- the i5 model will do those tasks easily and smoothly, for a more advanced user who likes to do some heavy work, like editing videos, running 3D design software, playing games etc. Microsoft offers a full fledged i7 system, that also includes more memory; both RAM as well as Storage Space and a dedicated GPU as well.

Both the i5 and the i7 processors are the latest Kaby Lake ones from Intel, these were launched in 2016 by Intel and are the successors of the previous Sky Lake Processor series, the new Kaby Lake architecture offers significant improvements in terms of performance as well as in energy efficiency giving you more battery life and a longer standby time.

The i5 variant has a 2.6Ghz i5 Processor 7300U, offering you a smooth level of performance that will be enough for most of your everyday tasks as well as some little heavy work now and then. The improved Kaby Lake will ensure that your system runs smoothly without heating up and also will save up on battery even on heavy usage.

The full-fledged version has a Core i7-7660U working at 2.5GHz. Best for people who like a more powerful system and like to do heavy work on their systems. The i7 Processor with the latest Kaby Lake update will tackle you every needs seamlessly, whether you are just browsing the web or doing some heavy high definition video editing everything will work flawlessly with the i7 Processor coupled with a high amount of 16GB RAM and a dedicated GPU.

Updated Keyboard will let you type more Comfortably

Although, the keyboard is an optional accessory you will be happy that you took the wise decision of getting it. It comes with the same high-quality build that Surface Pro is famous for, it now will have different colours for you to choose from, for example- Black, Platinum, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue etc. The keypad is made with Alcantara fabric which will make you feel extra comfortable while typing, this one feature makes it distinct from its competitors because till date no other tablet-laptop manufacturer has included this in their system.

The key travel distance is 1.5mm which lets you slide your fingers more comfortably and easily while typing or playing games when you press a key it comes out with a crisp motion that feels nice; the keys also require very little pressure to press because of their extra soft design. The keyboard is backlit, a problem with backlit keyboards is a thing called “Light bleed” which makes light comes out between the edges of keys, which is annoying; especially during the night. However, you won’t feel this problem with the latest Surface Pro because it effectively controls the light, the keypad is also extra bright and the levels of brightness can be controlled as well. It is also super quite, specifically when compared to the previous Surface Pro 4, making all those long writing sessions a little easy without all that clicking noise.

The keyboard automatically turns off when you flip the cover back converting your laptop into a tablet, it also puts your Operating System into tablet mood without your intervention. The keypad is connected to the tablet via a band of internal magnets, and through a port as well, these powerful magnets and physical connection ensure that there is no lagging issue or slow keyboard performance. The Microsoft Precision touchpad is also super responsive with support for every single Windows 10 Gesture, the mouse control is also very good, you can accurately control the cursor without any delay or lag.

A Super Sharp Display

Microsoft has always used top of the line and high definition display in its whole Surface series and the latest Surface Pro is no exception offering crystal clear display that shows you closer to reality images and vibrant videos.

Here are some technical aspects of the display in New Microsoft Surface Pro:-

  • 12.3-inch PixelSense display with 2,736 × 1,824 resolution
  • Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Support for 10 Point touch
  • 3:2 aspect ratio
  • Colour gamut support is 71 with AdobeRGB and 96 percent with sRGB showing you real vivid images
  • 427 Nits brightness so you can enjoy closer to reality and more detailed imagery and videos.

The display is more or less the same as of previous Surface Pro 4, which was clearer than ever; to say the least. You systems display will only get better with time because, although the display is still pretty extraordinary, as Microsoft will continue updating its Operating System it will improve the textures and resolutions.

Multiple Memory Options (SSD and RAM)

You will also get multiple memory options in the new Surface Pro (2017) the baseline model (i5 variant) comes with either 4 or 8GB built-in RAM. Enough for most of your everyday needs and then some.

The bigger i7 version will have either a basic 8GB or 16GB RAM option, with a solid 16GB RAM on an i7 processor (combine that with a power packed dedicated GPU) you can easily run even the heaviest of the software. Most games and 3D Design software require you to have 16GB RAM for smooth running, you can even play many hardcore games on your Surface Pro. The RAM makes the already fast experience even snappier and smoother.

SSD is an updated version of the old HDD, offering more speedy data transfers, virtually no noise, better data handling and security, almost all of the new tablets and laptops alike use the SSD technology, you also have the options of storage in the New Surface Pro you can get from 128GB to a massive 1TB. The 128GB and 256GB are available in the i5 models, while the bigger 512GB and 1TB options are for the high end i7 ones. You can choose whichever suits your needs, as mentioned before- the SSD storage is very fast when it comes to handling your data, your data also enjoys the benefits of added security in cases of accidental falls or shocks, because the SSD stores data into flash memory; like pen drives, there is no data loss if you or a mechanic happens to drop the SSD while doing some upgrades etc.

Loud in-built Speakers

While buying a laptop or a tablet speakers are usually a cause for concern, however, you won’t be needing external speakers with the latest Surface PRO; unless you plan on doing some professional musician work it, the two front facing speakers offer enough volume and a decent amount of base that will fill a whole room without distortions or noise of any sort, the speakers are built into the display with tiny holes in the glass which let the sound come out.

The extraordinary new Surface PRO won’t disappoint you in any case whatsoever, either its design or hardware everything is top notch. You can get the new Surface PRO at a guaranteed best price in Pakistan, only on Paklap. We also provide free and fast nationwide shipping so click the Buy button now and enjoy the power and speed of the latest Surface PRO (2017).






















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