Apple Macbook Pro MPXX2 With Touch Bar – 7th Gen Ci5 08GB 256GB SSD 13.3″Retina Display Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 Mac OSx Sierra (Silver – Mid 2017)

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Apple Macbook Pro 13″ (MPXX2) 2017 with TouchBar is now available in Pakistan!

When Apple announced that it will replace the function keys with a Touch Bar, users were both excited and sceptical at the same time. Thrilled because, of course, it was an innovative idea, the inclusion of touch bar meant that something will be changed in the general outlook of the notebook not inside of it, like most upgrades do (processor change, for instance), and sceptical because users were not sure whether it would be successful or not because function keys have long existed and assisted the users without any problem, completely replacing them with a Touch Bar was risky move. But when it was launched and the models which were initially released got reviewed- the results and feedback was all positive. Many new models that got released this June, particularly the 13” one, have the Touch Bar and Touch ID built in. Apple MPXX2 2017 MacBook Pro is also one of those models having a built-in Touch Bar as well as the much hyped about “Kaby Lake” Processor. Here’s a brief rundown of some of main features of Apple Macbook Pro 13 MPXX2 (2017):

MPXX2 has the latest Intel’s i5, Kaby Lake Processor

Like many other models that got released this year, this particular Macbook Pro 2017 (MPXX2) also got its processor upgraded from Skylake to Kaby Lake. More particularly – MPXX2 has a 3.1 Dual Core i5 processor, with the built-in Turbo Boost, that is present in all models of MacBook Pro 2017, the clock speed can be boosted up to 3.5Ghz. 3.1-3.5Ghz is a significant clock speed, you won’t feel like this MPXX2 MacBook Pro does not have enough power to run even the latest and power hungry applications, because 3.5Ghz for a notebook is a significant level of speed because even most laptops by many famous manufacturers max out at 2.6-3Ghz, even with Turbo Boost enabled. The upgraded Kaby Lake Processors are able to handle data at a much faster rate, and they can engage the cores more efficiently and intelligently giving power exactly where the system demands it, so you can enjoy your experience of your new MacBook Pro MPXX2 (2017) smoothly and seamlessly.

Touch Bar and Touch ID

As mentioned previously, this particular Macbook MPXX2 has built in Touch Bar. Now as this Touch Bar seemingly is a replacement of the normal conventional function keys, one would assume that the Touch Bar would only perform the functions that were previously intended for the function keys, however, this is not the case, the Touch Bar can do much more than ordinary keys. You can choose your own settings and icons to be displayed on the Touch Bar anything that you would like to access quickly and with the touch of your finger- you can add to the Touch Bar. By default, aside from the normal functions of function keys, the Touch Bar can control the brightness and colour settings of your screen, can increase or decrease the Volume of your system, and intelligently change its options as you move from one program to another on your system. For example if you’re watching a movie the touch bar can be used to control the Player’s settings, if you’re on Social Media – talking to someone then touch bar can act as a built-in word predictor that we see in smart phones as well as you can choose from the list of in-built emoticons to spark up your conversations.

Along with the Touch Bar, Macbook Pro MPXX2 (2017) also has Touch ID which you can use to identify yourself with the touch of your finger on your system, useful when you’re browsing websites etc. That requires your Apple ID like the Apple Store for instance.

8GB RAM and 256GB Storage Space

Apple MPXX2 laptop has an in built storage space of 256GB in shape of an SSD (Solid State Drive), a better and improved version of the traditional hard drives. Along with this it also comes with an 8GB LPDDR3 RAM, which is the standard, minimal, the type of RAM in every model of MacBook that got launched this year. The storage, of course, is expandable, the 8GB RAM is enough to run most everyday applications and you can also play many famous even latest games on it.

Some additional features

Apart from these the Apple Macbook 2017 (MPXX2) includes four high-speed thunder bolt ports (transfer rate= 20-40GB/s), an HD 720p front Web Cam, A backlit keyboard, Iris Plus Graphics 650 and many more features are present which you have to experience for yourself.

The price of the MPXX2 model is Rs 204,000. a little higher than the other models but the whole system is well worth it. You have to feel it yourself, once you feel the snappiness of Kaby Lake and the convenience of new Touch Bar you will know that it was well worth the money.

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